John 3:16 Part Two

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Every day during this season of Lent we’re looking at one of the “3:16” verses of the Bible, spotlighting some of the significant theological statements that happen to fall on the 16th verse of the third chapter of a number of Old and New Testament books. 

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
In his monumental commentary on the book of John, Frederick Dale Bruner describes this single verse as the heart of the fourth Gospel. 
He recalls that he once saw it laid out as a series of superlatives.  Here’s Bruner’s outline, with some touches of my own:
God                                  The greatest subject ever
So (much)                        The greatest extent ever
Loved                               The greatest affection ever
The world                         The greatest object ever
That he gave                    The greatest generosity ever
His One-and-Only Son   The greatest gift ever
So that                              The greatest purpose ever
Whoever                          The greatest opportunity ever
(Simply) believes            The greatest commitment ever
Shall not perish               The greatest rescue ever
But have                           The greatest promise ever
Deep, lasting Life            The greatest assurance ever
That’s why John 3:16 is the one-and-only way for us to wrap up our tour of the “3:16” verses of the Bible. 
Thanks for being part of it!
On this Good Friday, as you reflect on the gift of God’s own Son, may your heart be drenched with his grace, mercy, and peace.