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Wild at Heart

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To listen to today’s reflection as a podcast, click here Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  At least, that’s how your local Canada goose wants you to feel. First things first: that beast with the long black neck and white “chinstrap” – the bird that may be trying to scare you out of a neighborhood parking lot – is a Canada goose, not… Read more »

Don’t Miss the Adventure

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To listen to this reflection as a podcast, click here. When Gary Haugen, founder of the International Justice Mission, was ten years old, he went camping with his father and his two older brothers on Mt. Rainier – the massive, snow-covered volcanic dome that towers over Seattle.  The upper slopes of Mt. Rainier are not for people seeking casual day hikes.  Haugen still… Read more »

You Can’t Just Sit There

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In July 1982, 33-year-old Larry Walters of Long Beach, California, pulled off one of the craziest stunts in aviation history. As a child Larry had longed to fly.  But poor eyesight disqualified him from pilot training.  Then he got an idea. Walters attached 45 helium-filled weather balloons to his lawn chair.  He strapped himself in with a few sandwiches, a… Read more »