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A Joyful Heart

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To listen to today’s reflection as a podcast, click here Like the contractors and foremen who are hoping to hire workers, Jesus Morales occasionally drops by one of the southern California parking lots or street corners where unemployed laborers gather early every morning, hoping to be chosen for a day’s work. But the 27-year-old doesn’t take any workers to a construction… Read more »

Lifting Burdens

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To listen to this reflection as a podcast, click here. Sometimes a small group with a small amount of money can make a very big difference.  John Jackman is the pastor of Trinity Moravian Church, a congregation of about 75-80 people in a ramshackle neighborhood in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  He and his flock have long tried to be on the front lines of… Read more »

A Gift for the World

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To listen to this reflection as a podcast, click here. For most people, the name Tim Berners-Lee doesn’t ring a bell. But what he accomplished 33 years ago will almost certainly impact every day of your life this summer. The British software consultant (who is now known as Sir Tim Berners-Lee) singlehandedly dreamed up the World Wide Web. No, he didn’t invent the Internet.  That… Read more »

The Bills Mafia

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“Kill him!  Kill the quarterback!” That’s the cry of every National Football League fanbase.  If you can flatten your opponent’s QB, your odds of winning the game automatically skyrocket. Fans of the Buffalo Bills had to be elated last Saturday evening when Lamar Jackson, the uber-talented signal caller for the Baltimore Ravens – and last year’s unanimous league MVP –… Read more »