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The Problem of Pain

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Every week seems to be a heartrending week. If you watch your local news, the First Awful Story is almost always about a murder, a shooting, a child abduction, a housefire, a missing person, or a rape.  Then come the Covid metrics.  The virus at the center of the pandemic has now claimed almost six million lives globally, and 907,500… Read more »

The Surprising Gift of Pain

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Eleven years ago, a 25-year-old Oklahoma resident named Kristi Loyall noticed that her right pinky toe kept going numb.  During a doctor’s visit she was dismayed to learn that she had a rare soft tissue tumor called an epithelioid sarcoma.  Her heart sank when her physician told her that in order to save her life he would have to amputate… Read more »

Pain and Hope

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In 1898, a German scientist believed he had discovered the Holy Grail of pain relief. Heinrich Dreser, who worked as a chemist for Bayer – the corporation that had created a remarkable new drug called aspirin – was hoping to synthesize a painkiller that wouldn’t lead to addiction. The world had long known about morphine, the powerful, naturally-occurring opioid.  But… Read more »