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Tombstone epitaphs fall into several categories. There are the silly ones that don’t really exist: Perry Mason:  The defense restsHumpty Dumpty:  “I was pushed!”Elvis Presley:  A hunk, a hunk of rotting bonesThe Pillsbury Dough Boy:  “I will rise again” There are epitaphs that people have been assured are real, but are just urban legends: W.C. Fields:  “On the whole, I’d… Read more »

Paying the Price

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Irish author and artist Christy Brown was born in 1932 in Dublin, one of 22 children (13 of whom survived) belonging to a bricklayer and his wife. Christy was not like his siblings.  His body was ravaged by cerebral palsy.  As a child he could not speak.  He exercised little control over his muscles.  Most observers concluded there was nothing… Read more »

Needing Your Past

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In his 1970 book Habitation of Dragons, Keith Miller tells about a memorable conversation in a small group of adults who were struggling to learn how to follow Jesus. As part of a get-acquainted exercise, each member shared something about his or her childhood.  Miller writes: “One older lady had had a good many disappointments and seemed bitter about her past. … Read more »