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Letting Go

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Several years ago, a high-rise construction worker experienced the ultimate nightmare. He lost his balance.    He would have fallen except that he managed to wrap his fingers around an iron beam.  Unfortunately, he didn’t have the strength or the leverage to pull himself back up.  He screamed for help.  But it was a noisy worksite and everyone on his team was attending… Read more »

You Gotta Serve Somebody

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Throughout this season of Advent our focus is “The Story of Christmas in 20 Words.”  On each of the 20 weekday mornings ending on Christmas Eve, we’ll spotlight a single word from the Gospel accounts that helps us ponder more deeply the birth of Jesus. 6. Servant It would be so easy if our sixth word – the one that… Read more »

The Self-Serving Bias

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You undoubtedly know yourself better than anyone else knows you.  After all, you alone have unfettered access to your thoughts, feelings, and motivations. At the same time, ironically, you probably know yourself less well than other people know you.  That’s because you exist at the center of a bundle of self-protecting, self-justifying, impression-managing behaviors that you’ve practiced for so long… Read more »