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Conspiracy Theories

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The truth is out there. That was the mantra of The X-Files, the wildly popular 1990s TV series in which a pair of FBI investigators – skeptical Dana Sculley and true believer Fox Mulder – explored a vast array of paranormal phenomena, ranging from werewolves to mermaids to ghosts.  Along the way they uncovered a conspiracy to hide what our… Read more »

Dihydrogen Monoxide

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Dihydrogen monoxide is one of the world’s deadliest killers. Since the early 1980s a group of dedicated citizens has done its utmost to keep DHMO (also known as hydrogen hydroxide or hydric acid) in the public eye. DHMO can be lethal if inhaled.  It’s been found in cancerous tumors and acid rain.  It plays a key role in the greenhouse… Read more »