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How to Be a Great Lover

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A few years ago I ran across an advertisement for a love potion.    It was called Love’s Bouquet.  At the top of the ad were four exciting words:  Never Be Lonely Again!  Further down it read:  “Just a touch or two of this powerful love-potion-in-a-bottle is all you need to captivate a new partner or revive a flagging romance. Love’s Bouquet,… Read more »

A Kiss of Love

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What could be more appropriate on Valentine’s Day than a kiss? That could be understood in several different ways, of course.  It’s a given that millions of people will be enjoying at least one Hershey’s Kiss today.  Those 23-calorie guilty pleasures have been on the scene since 1907.  Interestingly, no one knows how they got their name.  Some people insist… Read more »

Love is as Love Does

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Throughout Lent, we’re exploring the parables of Jesus – the two dozen or so stories that were his chief means of describing the reality of God’s rule on earth.  Author Joyce Landorf remembers a time she was passing through a crowded airport.  She paused at a gift shop to purchase a couple of greeting cards.  When the clerk turned to… Read more »

Plastic Love

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For 43 years, Ken and Barbie were the perfect polyurethane couple.  Sure, four decades is a mind-numbingly long time to go steady.  But everybody assumed that Ken would ultimately get his act together and pop the question. Then suddenly, in 2004, in a move that even TMZ didn’t see coming, Barbie dumped Ken. In a press release, the folks at the Mattel corporation… Read more »