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Shock Absorbers

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To listen to this reflection as a podcast, click here. Have you ever wondered how woodpeckers can slam their heads into trees all day long and not have to pop a couple of ibuprofens? The answer is that a woodpecker’s body is essentially a giant shock absorber. Check out the Pileated Woodpecker above – one of America’s largest perching bird species, and the inspiration… Read more »

Don’t Freak Out

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To listen to this reflection as a podcast, click here. Eight summers ago, my two brothers and I embarked on the trip of a lifetime. Over the course of six days we traveled 100 miles in wooden dories on the turbulent Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  It was a blast. We experienced about 30 sets of rapids, three of which at the time… Read more »

No Worries

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You don’t need to worry about anything. Really.  Scripture is unambiguous on this point.  Worry should never be part of the life of someone who follows Jesus.  This seems so incomprehensible, however – and we see so few people living worry-free lives – that it’s tempting to conclude the Bible is asking for the impossible. Philosopher and author Dallas Willard… Read more »

Your Next Difficult Situation

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There’s a reason it’s called Thank God Ledge. By the time rock climbers have scaled most of Yosemite’s massive geological feature called Half Dome, the narrow ledge near the top is a welcome relief. Before the 20th century it didn’t seem possible that anyone could go straight up the granite face.  Three climbers – working together and using all the… Read more »