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God’s Strange Gift

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To listen to today’s reflection as a podcast, click here Frances Jane Crosby, who was born in New York in 1820, developed a minor eye inflammation when she was six weeks old.  Although there have been differing accounts of a local doctor’s efforts to address her condition, they all agree on one thing: He did not make things better.  The little… Read more »

The Secret of Contentment

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To listen to today’s reflection as a podcast, click here Major League Baseball no-hitters are exceedingly rare. The league’s most storied franchise, the New York Yankees, have played more than 18,000 games since 1903.  Yet they’ve only managed to pull off 13 of them.  One of the most memorable happened on September 4, 1993, when Jim Abbott took the mound against the Cleveland Indians. … Read more »

Three Huts on a Beach

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Did you hear about the man who was stranded all by himself on an island, much like Tom Hanks in Cast Away? He lived alone for 10 years. Then one day, miraculously, he was spotted by a passing boat.  His rescuers were curious about the three huts he had built on the beach. “The first one is my house,” he… Read more »