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To listen to today’s reflection as a podcast, click here When Baby Boomer kids in the 1950s weren’t pondering the threat of nuclear war, they were fretting about something far closer to home. We’re talking, of course, about cooties.  Cooties were imaginary, invisible creatures that could be transmitted by touch – usually by swiping one’s hand on someone of the opposite sex.  This was… Read more »

From Yes-But to Yes-And

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To listen to this reflection as a podcast, click here. What comes to mind when you picture turning toward God?  Psychologist Patrick Carnes suggests it all comes down to what kind of God we think we’re actually dealing with.  There are four basic options. First, we may have in mind a Non-Existent God.  In other words, no God at all.  We… Read more »

The Faith of Your Friends

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For a number of years, psychologist Henry Cloud led a support group for inpatients at a hospital who were struggling with addictions and other vexing life issues. In his book How People Grow, Cloud specifically recalls one of the group members whom we’ll call Joe.  Joe was a pastor tormented by a sex addiction.  He preached passionately about God’s grace. … Read more »