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Follow the Clues

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A few years ago, as the workplace pastor for a faith-friendly healthcare organization, I visited one of the office work teams. I was holding something in my left hand, which was tightly closed.  “So what do you think I’m holding right now?  Anybody want to take a guess?”  There were lots of guesses.  A coin.  A marble.  An acorn.  I… Read more »

Five Gifts to the World

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When Bible scholar Dale Bruner was teaching at Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington, he was approached by a skeptical student. “The church only talks,” he said.  “It never does much of anything.”  Bruner writes, “In a (for me) rare moment of ‘inspiration,’ I asked the student for the names of the major hospitals in Spokane.  He replied a little sheepishly,… Read more »

The Perfect Planet

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The opening decades of the 21st century may well become known as the time astronomers bade farewell to one beloved planet and said hello to thousands of others. Pluto lost its place at the grownups table in our solar system back in 2006.    Even though “the little planet that could” was cherished by myriads of amateur sky-watchers – especially… Read more »