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An Unhurried Life

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“I’m tired of running this damn church.” If you’re a pastor who desperately wants to get the attention of your elders, try using a turn of phrase they aren’t expecting.  That’s what Eugene Peterson did about 10 years into his efforts to launch a new congregation in suburban Baltimore.  They had survived their first few difficult years.  Pastor and people had worked… Read more »


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As a native of the Hoosier capitol, I grew up loving the Indianapolis “500.”  I have vivid memories of attending my first race in 1967.  I sat in the first turn with my father and two brothers.  Even though the race was halted after 18 laps because of a drenching rain that required a quarter million people to come back… Read more »

Gifts vs. Character

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Samson is one of those Bible personalities who has been able to accomplish the near-impossible: make Sunday School interesting for elementary school-age boys. He was absurdly strong.  His exploits were gloriously public.  He singlehandedly leveled the playing field between the Israelites and their unfriendly next-door neighbors, the Philistines. But Samson’s story, which covers four chapters of the book of Judges (13-16),… Read more »

Leadership 101

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What’s the most pathetic / head-scratching / cringe-worthy verse in the Bible? There are numerous candidates.  But one of the finalists has to be Exodus 32:24, where Aaron, Israel’s first high priest, abandons all leadership responsibility and accountability before his brother Moses. Moses has been up on Mt. Sinai for 40 days – receiving, among other things, the Ten Commandments. … Read more »