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Spiritual Trivial Pursuit

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To listen to today’s reflection as a podcast, click here. A number of years ago, author and sociologist Tony Campolo was a keynote speaker at a world missions conference in the Midwest. The audience included more than 10,000 collegians and twenty-somethings who had gathered to hear inspiring calls to change the world. Campolo stood at the platform and shouted, “Isn’t this conference great?” … Read more »

Truth Matters

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It was a sign of the times.  Almost 20 years ago, former Major League Baseball star Dale Murphy – one of the “high integrity” players of the 1980s – urged the creation of a patch that could be worn by participants in the annual Little League World Series.  Every August, 16 teams of 10-12-year-old boys from around the United States… Read more »

Gifts vs. Character

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Samson is one of those Bible personalities who has been able to accomplish the near-impossible: make Sunday School interesting for elementary school-age boys. He was absurdly strong.  His exploits were gloriously public.  He singlehandedly leveled the playing field between the Israelites and their unfriendly next-door neighbors, the Philistines. But Samson’s story, which covers four chapters of the book of Judges (13-16),… Read more »