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To listen to today’s reflection as a podcast, click here Years ago, when I was the senior pastor of a local congregation, I remember fielding a challenging question. How long would it take a visitor to our church to be introduced to our mission, vision, and values, and to know specifically what to do to become involved in living them out? … Read more »


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To listen to today’s reflection as a podcast, click here Halloween is our annual reminder that there sure are a lot of M&M’s in the world.  Although the powers-that-be are reticent to share specific numbers, it’s conservatively estimated that at least 400 million multi-colored, candy-coated chocolate buttons emerge from Mars Inc. factories every day. M&M’s were a wartime invention.  In 1941, Forrest Mars Sr…. Read more »

Rallying Cry

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In 1999, Advertising Age, the nation’s leading marketing publication, selected the top ten advertising slogans for the 20th century.  If you are old enough to remember rotary dial telephones, you would almost certainly recognize them all.  At the top of the list was De Beers’ memorable slogan that debuted in 1938: “A Diamond is Forever.”  The implication is that since carbon atoms… Read more »