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A Living Hope

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One hundred years ago, British author and philosopher H.G. Wells was one of the most lavishly optimistic thinkers on the planet. In his 1922 book A Short History of the World, he envisioned the dawning of a golden age.  Even though the horrors of World War I had ended only four years earlier, Wells was certain that science would soon… Read more »

Is the World Getting Better or Worse?

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“We have fallen upon evil times, and the world has waxed very old and wicked.  Politics are very corrupt.  Children are no longer respectful to their parents.” Those despairing words weren’t posted for the first time on Facebook last week.  Archeologists found them chiseled onto a stone from ancient Chaldea that dates to 3,800 B.C.  Virtually every generation has cherished… Read more »