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Thanks for Nothing

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To listen to this reflection as a podcast, click here. Dear God: Thanks for nothing. Before you conclude that this must be the winner of the Worst Prayer Ever Contest, consider the possibility that nothing is sometimes really something. Thanking God for nothing can be a prayer of profound gratitude. Thanks, Lord, that nothing happened to me while driving this past week. Thanks that nothing prevented… Read more »

The Real Spice of Life

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“Hey, we’re running low on cinnamon.  Could you pick some up the next time you swing by the market?” For more than a thousand years in Western history, such a request would have been incomprehensible.  Spices were exotic and rare – among the most valuable commodities on earth.  Today we take for granted that for a few dollars we can replenish… Read more »

Give Thanks Anyways

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Gratitude and thanksgiving are frequently presented as synonyms. But they’re not quite the same thing. Gratitude is an inner disposition – a deep-seated feeling that when it comes to the best things in life, all we can do is receive them with empty hands.  Gratitude springs from grace.  Thanksgiving isn’t a feeling.  It’s an action.  Thankfulness is a decision we… Read more »