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Stuffy No More

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To listen to today’s reflection as a podcast, click here During the First World War, a young Bible college teacher named Oswald Chambers became chaplain for the British army in Cairo, Egypt. At first, not everyone appreciated his presence. “I can’t stand religious people,” said one soldier, getting into his face.  “Neither can I,” replied Chambers. Within a year he had won over the vast… Read more »

The Wilhelm Scream

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To listen to this reflection as a podcast, click here. You’ve heard the Wilhelm Scream before.  You probably just didn’t know it had an actual name and history.  The Wilhelm Scream was recorded in a studio more than 70 years ago by voice actor Sheb Wooley, who’s best known for his novelty song The Purple People Eater back in 1958.  Wooley was asked to… Read more »